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 Site FAQ And Rules

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PostSubject: Site FAQ And Rules   Site FAQ And Rules Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 10:10 pm


* The decisions and actions of the Moderators and Administrators are Final
Do not under any circumstance argue with a Mod or Admin. Respect their warnings and actions and leave it at that. Arguing with or questioning a Mod's or Admin's actions can lead to more serious actions up to and including banning. Never insinuate a Mod or Admin is making an idol threat. Admins never threat and we back our Mods to the fullest extent.
* Don't Use All Caps or Double Post, and Post Meaningful and Clear Topics and Posts
This is just another courteous thing to do. Don't post a message with all caps, nor a topic. It's considered rude, plus it's a bit more difficult to read. Plus type with proper sentences and punctuation. Topics should clearly state what you need help on. When you're posting a message, we expect you to use punctuation so we can read it. We understand if english is not your first language, but don't try to fool us saying it isn't to get out of a warning. Also make use of the edit button in your post. We frown deeply on double posting here and doing so results in a warning.
* Don't Resurrect Old Topics
This one is important, but is defined by the following:

o A topic that is older than 30 days

The exception to this rule would be if you have useful information to add to an old topic, or if a sticky topic points to the thread you're resurrecting.
* Don't hijack another's thread with your own work or requests.
Posting one image of yours in another's thread for comparison is okay. If you want to post more than that, create your own thread and provide a link to it in the other persons.
* Don't play 'Junior Moderator'
We appreciate everyone trying to help out, but let the Moderators and Administrators do their job. Usually if we don't do something about it, there's no need. If you feel that it should be reported, please send us a PM with a description of what's going on and a link to the problem.
* Be kind to other users and Don't be rude.
You all know what's rude and what's not. You're adult enough for that. I mean, I'm guessing the absolute youngest person here couldn't be younger than 11. Even an eleven year old can be nice.
* No Forum Games Allowed
Games like these drains database resources and bandwidth for something that really does not contribute much to the community.
* Avatars must be no bigger than 150 (wide) by 200 (tall) pixels. They must also be under 20-30 Frames if they are animated.
Self explanatory. We'll let your first violation slide. If you do it again, you lose your avatar privileges.
* Limit the Use of Profanity
We have word sensors in place, but remember, not all who appear on these forums are adults and parents may not like to have their children exposed to fowl language. If the sensor states [Double Warning], it means just that; if seen by an Admin or Mod, you will get a Double Warning. I would highly suggest you edit your post to remove the offending word.
* Multiple Member Accounts Are NOT Allowed
There is absolutely no reason to have more than one account. If you want to rename your account, an Admin (besides Teancum, who refuses to Razz) can change it if the new one is available. If you are having trouble logging in, have a proxy find out for you why. If you had a second or third warning before, you most likely have been banned for violating the rules after being pointed to them and warned about them several times.
* Don't spam
What's spamming? Posting pointless messages to up your post count, double posting, resurrecting old topics for no reason, etc. We have special ranks that we'll give you if you spam, and you won't like them.


In order to enforce these rules we unfortunately have to enforce punishments. We're going to try a fairly to keep from using harsh punishments, and the staff is sure that we shouldn't ever have to. Still, we need some order, so below are listed the punishments.

* First Violation
On the first violation, a moderator will either send you a Private Message that will ask you to read the rules, or we'll do the same in the topic that had the violation.
* Second Violation
You will again be asked to read the rules, then you will be placed on the staff's warning list. This list is not visible to users.
* Third Violation
You will be warned in both public and private that your next violation will lead to, well, the fourth violation (read ahead).
* Fourth and Last Violation
On your fourth violation you will be permanently banned.
Sometimes we are nice and won't flag you for a violation, only send you a PM. It would be very wise to heed the warning.

Thanks to Teancum of Gametoast.com for writing these rules!
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Site FAQ And Rules
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